Down but not out!

So, if you follow me at all on Facebook, you probably know by now that due to illness, we’ve been forced to cancel our first mainstream art appearance, Flagstaff ‘s Art in the Park Labor Day show. To make a long story short, I’ve been diagnosed with “Diverticulitus” which is an inflammation and swelling of … Continue reading

Chicago Comicon 2012

Our biggest show has come and gone, the Chicago Comicon 2012. This show was a little bit different than the first 2 shows we’ve done. First of all, Phoenix to Chicago is one LONG DRIVE. I tackled each way in 2 days stopping in Denver and spending the night there each time. That made for … Continue reading

Art is only part of the “Business”

I must admit that I’ve been a bit frustrated these last few days. I haven’t been creating art these past few days, but instead have been tending to a lot of business stuff related to Agile Pig – Applying for different Comicons and Art Shows FInding a good accountant Booking Hotel Rooms Taking inventory Ordering … Continue reading

Success at the Denver Comicon

Here’s a recap of time at the inaugural Denver Comicon… I knew the drive from Phoenix to Denver was going to be a long one. After oversleeping a bit, I finally left the house around 6 am Thursday morning. After a quick stop at Starbucks, I hit the road, taking the most direct route through … Continue reading

Denver Comicon 2012

After our surprising success at the Phoenix Comicon, I decided to try to jump into another show – The first annual, Denver Comicon. This was definitely a last minute decision. I emailed the Co-Director and he told me they had 2 tables left, so I quickly snagged one! My wife, Erin is originally from Denver, … Continue reading

Phoenix Comicon

In the last week, I made a decision to grab an artist table at the Phoenix Comicon. I was a little bit reluctant to do so, thinking that my art work wasn’t the right fit or genre for a comic book convention, but after speaking to my neighbors, they quickly convinced me that having a … Continue reading

Etsy Store Opening

Well, the time is almost here. In the next day or two we’ll be opening up our store on Etsy. These last several weeks have been spent in preparation for this. Lately, there just seems to never be enough time in the day. My “TO DO” list seems to go on and on and on… … Continue reading

There’s Always Room for Cupcakes!

My daughter Keeley ¬†will be 3 years old in a few months. Like many little kids, she has a pretty funny and creative imagination. In the past I’ve drawn some of her favorite things. Soon after she started walking, she began to twirl, dance and mimic ballerinas she’d see on TV. So, I created ‘Dancing … Continue reading